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On Tuesday, March 19, 2024
arizona delivered a clear message to BIDEn through the power of our ballot: COUNT US OUT On WAR AND GENOCIDE
Thank you for showing up in collective and proving our humanity.
The work and solidarity continues...


Our story...

#VoteCeasefireAZ Graphic 2 _.png


Arizona voters are sending Biden a clear message in the March 19 Democratic Presidential Preference Election: he can count us out. We are filling out the "Marianne Williamson" bubble because we strongly reject Biden’s funding of war and genocide in Gaza.

Our Arizona ballot does not provide the option to vote “Uncommitted” like Michigan or to write-in “Ceasefire” like in New Hampshire. Blank ballot “undervotes” are generally not reported on official results sites or by the media.


Marking “Marianne Williamson” and concentrating our votes for one candidate is our best option for delivering a clear, easily measurable message on election night. *We are not endorsing Marianne Williamson as a candidate, but using a vote for Williamson - as a prominent candidate who has made a strong call for a ceasefire and justice for Palestinians in order to send a lasting ceasefire message.  If you cannot abide a vote for Willamson, vote for another pro-ceasefire candidate.


Biden only won Arizona by 10,457 votes in 2020. Arizona Democrats opposed to Biden’s policies in Gaza can demonstrate very clearly how the President and his administration must make a dramatic change in policy on this humanitarian catastrophe to earn our votes in November. We can and will hold the margin of victory for a Biden re-election.


It is clear that President Biden is not representative of the broad coalition that helped elect him - he is not representing the vast majority of Democrats who want a ceasefire and an end to his funding of Israel’s war in Gaza.  


It is clear that President Biden is not representative of the young people who helped elect him and turned out the vote in the midterms - the same young people who are now protesting his policies in the streets and helping educate their peers.

How to Vote for Ceasefire in the Arizona Presidential Preference Election (PPE)?

Williamson ballot 1.png

In our Arizona PPE, you’ll see 7 options.  Simply fill in the bubble next to “Marianne Williamson” to cast your Protest Vote in this manner.


To participate in this PPE Protest Vote, voters must already be registered as a Democrat, but are not restricted to vote for a Democrat in November’s general election. 

MARCH 8TH 2024

Request a ballot by Mail:

Visit and proceed to register. You will need a license to register online. You have until March 8 to request a ballot by mail.

Presidential Preference Election Date: March 19, 2024
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